8.11.21, ILGA World – Intersex Day of Solidarity 2021, „Standing together in times of adversity“, 12–15 Uhr, online, Englisch und Spanisch

Gepostet am Nov 5, 2021

While Intersex Awareness Day focuses on the creation of awareness and visibility of intersex people in society, Intersex Day of Solidarity calls on society and individuals to support intersex people and work together to ensure their rights are respected – focusing on issues facing this population, and the need for political reflection and action.

On this occasion, ILGA World – in collaboration and with the participation of with intersex civil society,  the Independent Expert on SOGI, our elders, and the many voices, activists, and NGOs working on these issues –  we want to discuss important intersectional issues that require further visibility for the intersex community.

Mehr Infos zu den Panels und Anmeldung hier: